Shiksha Kendra
Bhopal - Indore - Kolar Road Bhopal
A mission for the under privileged who are deprived of quality education.
Facilities in Shikshakendra

Jagran Social Welfare Society is providing the following amenities to children studying in Shikshakendra free of charge, which are at par with the students of the mainstream school:

  • Transport facility, books, bags, uniform and stationery items;
  • Conducive learning environment like classrooms, furniture, playgrounds etc;
  • Access to Amphitheatre and music and dance room;
  • Access to Science Laboratories and Computer Labs;
  • Library facility;
  • Sports facilities;
  • Ample opportunities to explore, experience and experiment;
  • Provide platform to showcase talents through Annual Day, Sports Day and other important celebrations;
  • Smart classrooms;
  • Team of trained, zealous and committed teachers;
  • Regular assessments and examinations;
  • Inter House events to promote healthy competition;
  • Frequent Scholastic and Co-scholastic activities;