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    Jagran Social Welfare Society, driven by its core values, to impart education to all sections of society led to the creation of “Shiksha Kendra”, which nurtures its mission to kindle the light of literacy for less fortunate children living in slums and orphanages. JSWS Bhopal believes that education is the basic right of every human being and to spread quality education to each individual is the moral duty of every citizen. Shiksha Kendras are an integral part of Jagran Social Welfare Society and are a platform through which the society aims to provide opportunities to less privileged children to learn, explore and experiment, thus helping them to evolve into responsible, confident, and self-reliant individuals who can prove to be assets to the nation.

    Shiksha Kendra

    Jagran Social Welfare Society currently runs three branches of Shiksha Kendra in Bhopal and Indore and is teaching more than 1000 students FREE OF COST. The Shiksha Kendras are formal schools catering to students from class 1st to class 12th and are affiliated with Madhya Pradesh Senior Secondary Board.

    The Shiksha Kendra operates in the afternoon using the same infrastructure, facilities, and teachers from our flagship schools, Delhi Public School, Bhopal – Kolar Road– Indore, because of which it is also called the “Sunshine School”. To reward the star performers of Shiksha Kendra, Jagran Social Welfare Society promotes students who score 75% and above for three consecutive years, to its main school and eventually to Jagran Lakecity University, which is also promoted by the society. This step helps in mainstreaming these students, introducing them to new avenues, and opening the gates to a successful career for them. In its last 13 years of functioning, Jagran Social Welfare Society has promoted 120 such students who are currently studying either in Delhi Public Schools or at Jagran Lakecity University.

    Jagran Social Welfare Society stands committed to the promise of extending a helping hand to the remotest of the village and imparting education to as many children as possible, so that they are equipped, empowered, and well versed in every possible way to rub shoulders with the rest and emerge as the harbingers of social change.

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